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Network the Smarter Way with our first-to-market NFC technology enabled Digital Business Cards & More…

Create Contactless Digital Business Cards, generate leads, collect payments, get followers, collect reviews, and so much more with SocialWavz Biz Cards

Local Business NFC Tech app

Uses a stellar technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) used in Contactless payments using credit, debit cards. The same Tech can be conveniently used for growing any business using SocialWavz Biz Cards

Grow your Network in just a Tap

From getting people to save you as a contact on their phone to making them send you a message, whatsapp, Skype, Email or even give you a ring, everything is possible with SocialWavz Biz Cards

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Sell any Product or Service, collect Payments & manage Sales

With just a Tap get people to view your service or product, collect payments via PayPal, Stripe and even manage all the sales using the sales dashboard.

Create QR Codes for your Campaigns

Easily Create QR Codes for Business Cards or any other campaigns that you create.

Create Contactless Digital Business Cards

Create Contactless Digital Business Cards Choose from a variety of Business Card Templates in various Local & Online Business Niches that helps Network the Smarter way, generates leads, sells products & services, effortlessly.

Capture Leads with just a Tap

Capture leads anytime anywhere all with just a Tap and add it to your AutoResponder

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Run Campaigns for any Business Goal

Run Campaigns to get more followers on your social network, to get more app downloads, to get more appointment booking, to share a google map location, run offers and display coupons, collect feedback & rating and so much more with just a Tap

     And so much more….

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is nothing but short range communication of up to 4 cms (Near field) for exchange of data!

This is the same technology that is used in credit & debit cards for contactless Transactions!

Why has this Technology gained momentum?

No need to establish a connection by pairing like in bluetooth
No need to even open or scan like a QR code
No wired connection

The simplicity of the technology is mainly why it is gaining popularity..

Reduced Transaction Time / Data Exchange Time
Effortless communication between devices
Versatile use in different scenarios more than just payments
Easy to use as it needs just tapping to establish connection
Touchless makes it even more suitable for the after pandemic world

SocialWavz Business Cards with NFC can help you and your Business

That’s just scratching the surface! Right now it is widely used only in contactless payments via Credit, Debit card and a few other modes.

But this is changing...

Major Feature Highlights of SocialWavz Biz Cards

Wondering what kind of Campaigns you can create?

Let me give some simple ideas...

Create Digital Business Card campaigns for Agencies, Service Providers, Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Life Coach or Individuals

Create Digital Business Cards for Enterprises. Approach organizations and provide Digital Business Cards for all the Employees.

Create NFC Campaigns for Restaurants to provide offers, discounts, get them on a Whatsapp Ordering Funnel, display the menu on Tap, get them to download an online ordering app or even collect feedback & Rating.

Set up NFC Tags in Grocery Stores and put it across the shelf with the note, Tap to know product details and offers. Each Shelf can have a tag and the offers and product details can be updated as and when needed.

Set up NFC Tag in Digital Stores to answer customer’s frequently asked questions.

Set up NFC Tag in Salons, Spas, Dental clinic, Chiropractor's place, Dance Classes, Yoga Studios to schedule the Next Appointment with just a Tap

Approach Pet Stores to add a NFC Tag to Dog Collars that they sell. This can be customized with Pet Owner information and when tapped can be used to contact the Pet Owner if the pet goes missing.

Approach event organizers to set up NFC Tags at the event venue to help with lead generation, payment collection, entry or to even just display the event related information.

Set up review & rating collection NFC Tags for physical events, restaurants, Cafes, Stores and so on..

Set up lead generation campaigns for any Business

Set up App downloading campaigns. For example you can set up an App downloading campaign at a restaurant for a delivery app like GrubHub. Put a tiny note about getting an additional discount if the customer downloads the Grub Hub App.

Engagement increasing campaigns to initiate Whatsapp Chat, Text Message, Email, Skype or even Discord

Follower increasing Campaigns can be set up in a mall to increase followers on any social media.

Create Campaigns for any Business to sell their products & services and even collect payments

There are 1000+ ways to use SocialWavz Biz Cards to help Businesses grow!

Are you getting the hang of it?

Who should use Digital Business Cards???

Business Owners
Real Estate Agents
Coaching classes
Gym Owners
Yoga Studios
Day care Centers
Clothing Stores
Jewellery Shops
Pubs & Bars
Pet Care Services
Grocery Stores

And the list goes on..

Here is why you will fall in love with SocialWavz Business Cards

First-to-Market Technology
New way to establish long standing connections
New & efficient way to generate leads
Easily showcase products & services
Collect Payments effortlessly
Easily get more download on your Apps
Easily get people to follow you on multiple social networks
Educates customers about products in a better way
Increases your Brand Image
Gains Trust
Give a competitive edge
Increases sales
Secure mode of data transfer

All it takes is 4 Easy Steps to create NFC Campaigns with

SocialWavz Business Cards

All it takes is 4 Easy Steps to create NFC Campaigns with

SocialWavz Business Cards

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