SocialWavz Business Cards with NFC can help you and your Business

Professional Customized Strategy For Your Business

Shares Contactless Digital Business Card instantly anywhere anytime without needing to print 1000s of cards. Generates leads for any business with just a Tap Collects Review & Rating from your customers Displays product information, features, offers, prices in physical stores Helps lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Consultants, Chiropractors etc. book appointments Helps any local Business display any detail like a demo video, house tour, images or anything else with just a tap. Gets followers on any social media profile Gets people to send you Text Message, whatsapp message, skype, email without having to type in your number or ID Displays, sells products & collects payments for online stores Displays offers in Restaurant, gyms, yoga studios or any physical store Displays a restaurant menu or even display an Agency/ Freelancer service page Gets people to download your app from play store or app store Pet owners can use NFC tags in dog collar or to display their information in case pet goes missing NFC tags can be used by hotels / Cafes / Bars / public places / Airports to share wifi network and password NFC tags can be used to open a google map location on Tap NFC Tags can be used in healthcare to retrieve patient information with just a Tap And so much more..